Monday, August 21, 2006

Engage Prayer Hotline

Hi guys! Just had a phone call from Allyson our antenatal meeting coordinator (she who is fond of the endorphin dolphins)...and she asked me to get on the prayer hotline for a couple from our group. And I wondered if you could send up some prayers too for Andrea, Daniel and Baby. Baby is being delivered today about 6 weeks early, but has complications with lung and kidney issues. Allyson didn't go into details but the gist is it's quite serious and they could do with all the prayer support they can get.


Also, update on Amanda (James & Denise' daughter). She is doing much better - able to eat and drink, talk and move around. All of which were not possible just a few weeks ago. They haven't been able to diagnose yet what it was that she they are doing continuing tests. She is still VERY thin and frail so please pray she gains back strength and weight.

Also they have to find a new house and move in the next 5 weeks....yikes!

Thanks for being so are awesome!


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Prayer Hotline Engaged..

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