Monday, August 14, 2006

Lynley - lovelier than ever!

If wherever you are it is the 15th August....then I have glad tidings of great joy for you.

Tis Lynley's birthday - so let us all take a minute to celebrate in a worthy manner.

Spontaneously leap up from your work desk, grab a colleague and tango across the office...

Stand on your chair, grab a handful of your hair and yell out in a high-pitched voice "By Jiminy how can she be a year older and yet look so young?"

If a stage is available, I counsel a vehement stage dive with a shout of "Lynleeeeeee!"

Or get down on your hands and knees, grab your small child by their clothing and say..."Quick - get me a lollipop and an Elmo puppet....I must celebrate Lynley's birthday!"

Try a little jig around the room and end it in an enthusiastic shimmy.

If at all possible video yourself and I'll post it on the blog. (Ok I haven't quite sussed U Tube, but if you do any of the above it will be worth the effort).

If you have your own idea of how to celebrate please go ahead and report back....

In the meantime here are a few things that I love about Lynley...

1) She has a contagious laugh and incredible smile

2) She is extraordinarily beautiful

3) She is energetic and dynamic

4) She is bold and courageous

5) She is a fabulous cook

6) She knows how to have a good time

7) She is a fun person to hang out with

8) She is inspiring

9) She is down to earth

10) She loves the sun

11) She shares from the heart

12) She has incredible stage presence

13) She is honest

14) She believes in others and enables them to succeed

15) She has the best nails in the world

16) She gives me the best manicures!

17) She loves Stuart a lot!

18) She loves Jordan a lot!

19) She is sexy, elegant and stylish!

20) She is a warm and wonderful host

21) She is very gifted but very humble

22) She always thinks more about others than about herself

23) She has exceptional taste; an incredible eye for design and colour

24) She's a bold adventurer, not afraid to try something new

25) Her singing

26) She is passionate for and honouring of God

27) She is super prophetic but doesn't wear it as a badge

28) She gives and gives and gives

29) She is loyal

30) She is feminine and strong

31) She is a fantastic role model

32) She is my friend!

Ohhhh there are so many things!I would go on but I seem to have a baby trying to crawl up into my rib cage which is making typing a tad uncomfortable!

She is just an amazing woman, isn't she?

Happy Birthday Lynley - you are incredible!


Blogger Charlie said...

Happy Day Lynley. You're all class.

3:49 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

yep yep yep

happiest day to you!

1:02 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Well Adele you have said it well. She really is one in a million!

Happy Birthday Lynley you deserve it!

3:50 AM  

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