Thursday, September 14, 2006

38 Weeks

Holy smokes! Can it be true? Have I managed to get Dave to hold an ACTUAL camera in his hand so that I can have a photo sans the toilet lurking in the background?

Yes 'tis true - the pregnancy husband's duties are never-ending and he patiently pursued me around the house last night trying to find enough light to illuminate the bump.

I'm 38 weeks today and the babe is officially full-term, even though most pregnancies run to 40 weeks. So in theory I could slip into a mildly uncomfortable, evenly paced labour at any moment! Then again if she decides to be a bit on the fashionably late side I could have another 4 weeks to wait!

In this case as in many others I am hoping that little Esmeralda takes after her father - who is the model of punctuality and the very antithesis of procrastination. In fact if you could bottle Dave or somehow turn the essence of Dave into a pill - he could single-handedly erase time-wasting and procrastination from the face of the earth. It would be a more exciting discovery than a diet pill that actually works! So you scientists out there - get working on that ok?

Of course my personal motto is "Why procrastinate now, when you can do it tomorrow?"

Anyway, while we're talking about Dave....can I just tell you that he has been a totally amazing pregnancy minion/husband?

I lose count of the number of times he pops back at lunchtime from his high powered job where he is responsible for millions of dollars worth of buildingy stuff - only to find me crying on the couch for some inexplicable reason. At this point he then shows exemplary behaviour by:

a) noticing that I am crying/have been crying/am imminently about to start crying
b) giving me hugs and asking what is wrong
c) not sighing and rolling his eyes when I respond that mostly I don't know
d) saying something encouraging
e) making a sandwich with enough cheese to re-constitue the moon if it ever falls out of its orbit - thus making me laugh (at the amount of cheese he uses, not the thought of the moon falling out of the sky)

Sometimes he comes home after a hard day of about 83 hours of work in which he has solved more fractions & disputes than Kofi Annan ever managed to...and finds not a piping hot dinner prepared for him by his layabout wife. No, in fact finds layabout wife, laying about either looking sleepy or tearful. And he doesn't go ballistic. In fact he might just cook the dinner himself. And even refrains from putting 203 chillis and 7 sackloads of spice into it - to suit his own personal long-ago-exploded tastebuds. Instead he follows the Bland Guidelines that I am currently enforcing in all cooking. In fact soon I will be releasing my new cookbook "Beige and Bland - Adele's Pregnancy Cookbook".

Also, he is always telling me what a good job I am doing growing and looking after the baby. And that he is proud of me.

Plus he is totally interested in the purchase of all baby accoutrements and takes time to shake them, bend them and work out how the 23 safety features work. In fact I may have to call him up every time I want to use the stroller/car seat/bouncer/toilet...just to remind me how to do it!

Yeah so he is pretty amazing. I feel very, very lucky to have such a fab husband.

(Oh and did I mention that he earns actual MONEY? And I get to SPEND IT.)

Meanwhile, Harley is getting very anxious about the impending new arrival. Please witness his stressed out pose....


Anonymous krista said...

wait a minute here, ESMERELDA?!!!!!!!

2:11 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

you look amazing (no shock there)
and dave is amazing (no shock there)

And I can't wait to see this baby of yours. Although probably I can wait a little longer than you can. Seeing as I'm not carrying her and all.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous LA said...

You look amazing!!!! Doesn't look like the baby has dropped into position yet. Hmm she maybe going for the full 40 weeks. Tell her she is welcome to come anytime now!! (that is my way of saying - get moving babe)

4:27 PM  
Anonymous caroline<> said...

well glam mum to be!! Will be excited to hear of safe arrival of baby E.R :) Shall pray this precious child slips out into this world. Into her lovely giraffe nursery with her mum who will be able to eat food with colour & Flavour AND her doting super dad~ who is in joint place for pregnant dad of the year award 2006 with Mr Allan.
Oh...we got the green card all approved after an interview involving 10 minutes of NFL Steelers chit chat last Friday morning! I kid thee not! Plans brewing for the big move to star spangled land...around Christmas time.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Laura W said...

: ) Esmerelda, that's the name that I suggested to Steph and Scott for baby number 3 (if it it a girl of course)......although I was kidding : ) : )

Adele, you look absolutely fabulous, as always, praying for you guys and delivery of baby R. Love Laura.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Yay, dear friend you look fabulous.
Dave, the other pregnancy minion salutes you and stands in awe of your highly developed skills. You are great indeed.

Love you both lots

5:25 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Well it has all been said! Adele you are gorgeous as usual. Dave is amazing as usual. And Harley is laying around in the sun... as usual!

I can say this though which no one else has said..... we will see the baby within a month of her birth! How stinking cool is that!!!!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

You really need to hear the way that I say "Esmeralda" for the full effect. It's from the Hunchback of Notre you have to screw your face up, raise one shoulder to your ear and lisp "Esmeralda...she loves me!"

Heh heh heh. Yes you correctly assumed that this is not a serious name suggestion.

Thanks for your encouraging comments re. my Easter Egg-shaped self....I think I look hilarious!

Also - Caroline - oooh exciting news! I need to hear more....where are you going and what will you do?

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Andy Green said...

well you've grown a still don't match Debs, the Colossus of pregnancy bumps, but pretty impressive. As for the SuperHubbie stuff tell him to stop wearing his pants outside his trousers (or for your yankee doodle pals - that'll upset the Canadians!) his boxers outside his pants...yea confusing eh?

Anyway I digress....lets see if he can transform himself into SuperDad and maintain the SuperHubbie stuff once the sleep deprivation kicks in and he is faced with the nuclear waste-like nappy filler that will be your little boy - we got the opposite to what Debs was predicting so why shouldn't you...oh you had a scan? Sorry wasn't paying attention...anyway - pregnancy is a doddle for daddies...the hard work starts when the ankle biter she's gorgeous really its just that you're making me look bad in comparison to Dave. Thankfully I don't think debs ahs seen your blog! I am now in lock down with only one trip to the gym per week and the sailing and golfing summer season is well and truly over its lots of fun evenings in from now...whoopee?! Not!! If debs sees this I am going to be even more unpopular than I already am.

well better dash - got an empty bed waiting for me...yea something else to look forward to Dave - your wife will try anything to get the immobile waste dispenser to sleep so you will end up either a) in the spare bedroom alone or b) in your own bedroom the theme here? Ah well at least I get to stay up late (well past 11 p.m. now here!) and write nonsense on your blog!

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Andy G said...

p.s. Where do you get the all the fab friends writing sickly niceties about how wonderful you are just cos you spent the whole blog saying you were generally rather tearful....pull yourself together woman its only a baby...its not as if you're running for Prime Minister or something important?!?

11:33 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Dellerama - it's sooooooo exciting and I'm gald to hear dave's been a fab-hubbie - we never thought he'd be anything else :0) so you experienced the Manwich then as I like to call it...when done with meat, the packet I believe should last for almost a week goes in one seating with Jason in the kitchen :00

You are and are going to be brilliant parents :0) Bring on baby R!!!

4:10 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

Wow Adele - you are really blessed and beautiful and lovely.

4:46 AM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

Hi sweetie.

love the photos.

That is Dave you were talking about isn't it??? the "Dave Richards" you are married to???...Wow !!! who's a lucky lady then. So pleased he has been so understanding and loving.

love you


12:10 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

PS. I just love that photo of Harvey

4:29 AM  
Blogger sLeEpY*~*sArAh said...

I have to admit, I come on your blog every few days to see if there are any new pregger pics! I love them!

I know it's been said a thousand and one times, but you SERIOUSLY look amazing!!! I love that skirt of yours!!! Beautiful!
And Dave sounds awesome!

I can't wait to see your baby pictures next!!! And keep eating cake! You deserve and baby R. deserve it!

8:53 PM  

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