Friday, September 22, 2006

The more reckless elements amongst you are demanding more what can I do?

Ok so it's just Cathy and Krista who are asking all sorts of specific and informed questions about Baby R....but I hate to deny anyone of a blow-by-blow account of all things detailed concerning the babe. So here are as many details as I can think of concerning her...and inevitably myself. Don't worry I will spare you the scary, girlie details.....I only send those out by email to those with cast iron constitutions!

She is currently standing on her head with her backbone running up my right hand side....her legs crossing over to my left hand side. Kind of like a 'g' formation. She has been in this position for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. She isn't one of those babies that does dramatic cartwheels and makes your stomach lurch like a Mexican Wave. She seems to have found her spot and stuck to it. Of course there isn't that much room for her to tango about!

The 'ideal' position as far as I understand it is for her to be head down but on the other kind of like a p...this makes for the easiest exit strategy. But she can suddenly swivel into this at any moment during the actual delivery so it's not a biggie that's she's the other way around. I keep doing all the correct things to help her move into position...sleeping on my left, leaning forward at all times, not leaning back - oh no! The forbidden pleasures of slouching and lounging...these are foreign to me! Still, it makes no difference! Oh well! As long as she isn't breech (bum down) or posterior (her backbone to my backbone) things are hunkydory.

When I do something that annoys her - you know make an inappropriate joke or slurp my soup from the wrong side of the spoon - she kicks me in my left hand side. If I'm lucky her feet will kind of hit me in the ribs which makes me go "Oh!" and rub the spot vehemently. That usually calms her down. She's not so much about the kicking, to be honest.

The thing that sets her off is if I roll onto my right hand side in bed (one of the FORBIDDEN positions). She doesn't seem keen on this position at all. Or perhaps she is a stickler for the rules??? My daughter? Not likely!

Occasionally she'll kick me while I'm bobbing about at Aquanatal....but I take this as a sign of her deep enjoyment. (As you can tell I don't have a clue what's going on I just interpret it according to my this good parenting???)

She'll quite often get hiccups at night and then my right hand side will pulsate for a little while as she hiccups away! Somebody told me that babies who get hiccups (wait for it...this is bizarre) have a lot of hair!!!! Erm, how on earth does that work? She has a plait like Rapunzel and accidentally chews on it and gets gas????

Other than that the most common movements are as she turns her head...and that is quite a peculiar sensation I can tell you! She's 2/5 to 3/5 engaged...which means that her head is 2 to 3 fifths down in my pelvis. The baby doesn't get to 5 fifths engaged until about a second before she pops that stat really doesn't tell you anything!!! First babies apparently engage their heads earlier as they are more squished for space and get pressed down sooner. Nice!

Sometimes she'll get a complete wiggle on and just squiggle and squirm non-stop for ages. Probably at least an hour I'd say. This often happens when I sit down after wandering around and being active for a long time. (My motions rock her to sleep and when I stop she wakes up). So about 7pm in the evening is a lively time....or when I go to bed. Also at church!!! She can push up into my ribs & lungs at these times and it gets quite uncomfortable and hard to breathe. I tend to pace or rock or walk about if she has a wiggle on. But often she just wants to wiggle and wiggle she will! This only usually happens once or twice a day. I guess wiggling has limited appeal when you can't really move anywhere!

She seems to be quite a chilled out baby in terms of reactions....things don't seem to get her all hot and bothered. If I have a really cold drink...or spicy food....or listen to loud music...she takes it all in her stride. She did leap about continually during the Pirates of the Caribbean. Don't know if that was all the vibrations from the sound effects. Or the fact that she really likes Johnny Depp with eye liner. I have my suspicions.

While being pregnant my tastes have changed quite a I don't know if I can attribute this to her personal tastes affecting mine. Or whether it is the hormones. But if it is all about her...we can establish the following:

1) She is obsessed with the potato. I have never eaten so much potato in my life. Mashed. Boiled. Baked. Fried. Chipped. It's all good.
2) She likes bacon. I have never liked bacon! Oh but now......those piggies are not safe around me!
3) She likes beer. A lot. I have never liked beer....but when I sneak a sip of Dave's these is like NECTAR. It takes considerable restraint not to neck the lot.

(Is it coincidence that she spent time in her formative months with a) my parents - the devotees of the bacon butty and b) Sarah Dalley -one of the few elegant women I know who loves beer?)

4) She likes her tea strong. A good Northern strength with a dash of milk. But...but.. I like my tea weak with loads of milk!!!
5) She has a wild passion with all things Citrus. At a conservative estimate I have consumed about 342 gallons of orange juice in the last 9 months.
6) She's not so much about the sugar. Makes her feel gacky.

So....that is what we know about the adorable munchkin so far.

Well, when I say 'know'...clearly I am making most of it up as I go along!

Hope that has satiated Cathy & Krista's need for details....and not killed the rest of you off!

By the way, I already feel extremely fierce about the please don't leave any disparaging comments about her. Or I will be forced to seek you out in the wee hours and put a bat up your nighty.

You have been warned!


Blogger Laura said...

The bat up the nighty sounds very entertaining. This baby business sounds very complicated and just a bit scary. I think you're doing fab I think the craving beer is hilarious I can see you propping up the bar in a watering hole down under with all the farmers necking beer and starting brawls.

The next stage is darts! you've got the tummy for it..... (please don't put a bat up my nighty
;-D) Eric Bristow eat your heart out.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

I still think it's funny that there's a baby inside of you (funny as in ha ha! and funny as in perculiar). It's all very surreal isn't it? Or are you now used to it?

What about dreams? I remember hearing John Paul Jackson teach on dreams and he said, pregnant women can dream the dreams of their babies. So question for you my dear: what's your dream life like?

2:18 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

that was LOVELY. and i'm still here.

and you will be SO HAPPY you wrote all this stuff down so she can read it when she's having her first baby.

(at least that's what i tell myself)

4:10 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Oh delleram - I am intrigued and delighted by the e-mail - to know more about her whims and fancies :0) Can't wait to see pics of the delightful Miss Richards herself! Perhaps you will be calling her a name such as, well I don't know...Gillian perhaps since she's so fond of G? Georgia, .....who knows :0)
I often think about baby names - still to the utter bewilderment of Jason who doesn't understand how I could spend hours of my life (OK hours over perhaps three years!)thinking about this when there's no baby in my tummy or plans to put er there! Whatever, we look forward to the news of Baby Richards, I was asking myslef the other day...I wonder if in the throws of labor will Adele cry our for her MAc to make a last pre-baby post to let us know Miss R is on her way :0) So I am checking this blog avidly!
Love you - praying that all will go butter :0)

4:23 PM  
Anonymous caroline<> said...

This is awesome that you have all this stuff written down and you can compare the inside world to the outside world of Miss R. She'll love this info when she is bigger.
Excited to hear the next installments...

4:52 PM  
Blogger sLeEpY*~*sArAh said...

That's awesome! Your baby sounds like a doll!!!
Aren't baby hiccups the funniest thing when they're inside you???
It was so strange to see my belly moving with Kyria's hiccups.

Oh, I've been meaning to ask, what exactly do you do at Aquanatal??? Is it to prepare you for a water birth?? Or just good excercise??? No one ever informed me.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Poppy used to hiccup alot, i forgot all about that. i remember being on all fours one night trying to sleep because she was kicking me so much.
I remember having a thing for, mini cheddars, egg sandwiches, coco pops and chocolate milk, mmm yummy, of course now shes out i only lett her eat healthy wizzed up vegetables and fruit, but she has a thing for ice cream, Joel poppped into the room the other day to find me sat on the floor next to Pops feeding her Ben & Jerrys out of the tub inbetween my own mouthfulls.

9:17 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

Rapunzel..... Jojnny Depp eyeliner.... bat up the nighty..... you are on top form Deli.


2:00 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Loved the post and all the details!

Can't wait to meet her in person!

6:04 PM  
Anonymous LA said...

Any daughter of yours is going to be entertaining! Not surprising her womb time is eventful. I can't wait to meet her. Jordan is also excited and is choosing clothes to give to her new best friend.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

what are you really saying about cathy and i? reckless elements? hmmm... :)

9:06 PM  
Blogger Mimo said...

Loved reading the post! Great update, ohh those details. Entertainment very much enjoyed. Love, Mimosa x

1:33 PM  

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