Thursday, September 28, 2006

Personal Correspondence from Blog Readers Anonymous

Email 1

Dear Ms Dalley,

It has been brought to our attention that after considerable thought and not a small amount of pondering you have decided to create your own blog.

Our society (Blog Readers Anonymous (BRA)) is delighted to hear of this impending new blog.

Word has been circulating amongst BRA members for a number of days now that your launch is imminent.

BRA would like to offer you considerable support for your venture. We believe that you will find our support to be an uplifting, and not-too-separating experience.

However there is a certain degree of impatience to see the launch of this blog building in some quarters. In order to placate our firm BRA members, please could you supply the URL of your blog as soon as possible.

The world is waiting.

In eager anticipation,

Mavis Firmbottom

Email 2 - Response

Dear Ms Firmbottom,

Thank you for the kind letter from you and the distinguished members of Blog Readers Anonymous (BRA).
What an honour to be recognized by such a respected society.

I am delighted to let you be the first to view the launch of "The Fast and the Fabulous."

Respectfully yours,

Trudy Leanthighs
Beginner Blogger

Email 3

Dear Trudy Leanthighs, (and may I mention how aptly you are named)

I have been to aforementioned Blog site and see no signs that you are a beginner blogger at all. In fact I believe you may already be an expert judging by your witty and well-sculpted first entry.

BRA would like to know if we may make a public announcement about your new Blog on the Randomaneous site. Bearing in mind this will open you up to public scrutiny, please consider your response carefully.

BRA would hate to be responsible for angry accostments in Starbucks, or even the drooping of your Blog morale. BRA is firmly against drooping.

Thanks for your consideration of our request,


Mavis Firmbottom

Email 4- Response

Dear Mavis Firmbottom,

Thank you for your kind email. May I reciprocate the mention of apt namelyness.

I would be more than delighted for BRA and in particular the renowned Randomaneous site, to make a public announcement about my blog's creation.

I am aware of your firm standards against drooping and feel that such a public announcement would only lead to more perkiness.

I entrust myself to the hands of your creativity.


Trudy Leanthighs
Beginner Blogger

Public Annoucement from Blog Readers Anonymous (BRA)

Dear all, I am delighted to unveil our latest and greatest blog.

I feel sure that we will all be enjoying it's verbal flourishes and piquant insightfulness for many years to come.

The author, Trudy Leanthighs, has become a personal friend of mine and for that reason alone I will not be accosting her in Starbucks about any personal comments she makes about me on 'The Fast and the Fabulous'.

I hope that my more mature and experienced readers will note the reference to that epicentre of the movie canon in the title of Trudy's blog. (The fast and the furious). As we all know, Trudy is a firm fan of the acting talents of that fine young man, Vin Diesel. He also has great guns.

Please patronise the establishment of this new blog in a manner commensurate with your status as members of BRA by offering your daily support in an uplifting manner,

Yours as always,

Hilda Firmbottom

Click here to sample The Fast and the Fabulous


Blogger A.J. said...

I think that is the most creative announcement a blog has ever had!!! Well done!

I just sent threatening e-mails about the URL and never got a response back... I had no idea I had to lure her with talk of Bras although I suppose I should have known!

10:56 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...


I'm SO excited!!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Geoff & Calun Vallance said...

hi adele - congrats on the baby! even though this has to do with this blog but one where you mention its summer - i would like to point out that where we live (Northern michigan) its 30 something degrees farenheight...very cold...very very cold...
geoff & Calun

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Lorna said...

loved this :)

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Becca Dyste said...

Ok- so I know the baby is adorable and all..... but how about you?? I think this may be the hottest I have ever seen you (which, by nature must be VERY hot, I'm sure you must agree). I feel very bad that I haven't got to give you an update or get one...I didn't even know you were preggers(!) I am not worthy to be titled "surrogate cousin"...but hopefully have not yet been downgraded to "peculiar acquaintance posting on my blog";)
So how are you, and can I have your e-mail address, one I had bounced my mail back? my new address is the same as the old, only its now at not
love you guys,
p.s. if an arranged marriage is not already in place, please consider my future son(s)-if there's more than one you can pick- for an adorably wonderful cross national romance.

11:57 PM  

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