Monday, September 04, 2006

Spring is sprung. The grass is riz. I wonder where dem birdies is.

I'm back from the big smoke (Auckland) where there were malls....oooh...and big shops.....oooh and big roads...nyahh.....and the ocean.....aaaahhh.

Ah yes and the conference was jolly good too. Billsibob Johnson (as he's known to his friends) (ok, only to me) was amazing and inspirational as always. And God showed me some stuff. That made me smile. So that was good.

On the downside I missed y'all terribly and it just didn't seem right at all that none of the TACF crowd was there. We would have had a lot of fun in the HS if you had been. >sigh<

Anyhoo, back in the dizzying heights of Taupo (we realised the other day that there is only one set of traffic lights in the whole town. ONE. Freaky McDeaky)....spring has sprung and the grass has riz. Yes September 1st marks the first day of Spring. Confused? You should be. But the lambs are gambolling and the daffodils are blooming and so I guess it really is Spring.

Winter in Taupo is a complete doddle compared to the UK (rain, rain and more rain) and Canada (snow, snow and more snow)...and there have been many, many days of sunshine so hot you can sit outside in your longsleeves with scant regard for a coat. Ok it has been a tad chilly at times too....but minus 3 hardly relates to a Torontonian minus 30 does it?

And I'm not just telling you all this to incite you to move here instantly. Ok, yes I am....but it's the truth nonetheless. By the way Dave has been known to offer bribes of buying a boat for people who move here. A boat that they would share with us. But a big ol' shiny motorboat nonethesless. I just mention it in passing....

Ok other than these sad attempts to lure you to the other side of the world (come see the lambs gambol...they gambol people, they gambol)...what else is new?

I'm week 36 of ye olde pregnancie...actually nearly week 37. That's 37 out of 40 for those of you unacquainted with the binary system of pregnancy calculation. ( I like to throw in some technical mathematical terms just to amuse Jason W).
So the end is really, very nigh. Although apparently the last weeks it may not feel that soon to me. Dave and I have an appointment with The Loveliest Midwife in the World, Sonia, tomorrow to discuss our birth plan.

My unoffical birth plan is:

1) Go "ooh" I'm having contractions
2) Wow, these aren't so bad
3) Hmmm...I think I'll hop in the birth pool with my rubber duck
4) Splash, splash...who needs an epidural?
5) Wow, I'm ready to start pushing...already...and it's only been about 4 hours and gosh it doesn't really hurt that much
6) Push! Push! Ooh look there's the baby, she's just popping out so easily
7) Ahhhh....look at lovely baby...she is lovely and unsquished and I instantly know what her name should be...and Dave agrees.

The End.

Now don't bother me with realism at this and my rubber duck and my non-painful contractions are doing very well without you and your cynical laughter thank you very much.

Just to distract you from leaving sinister are some more photos of the bump. I know, I know, I keep posting these but Cathy says that there are never enough. And who among us would wish to deprive the lovely Cathy of anything her heart desires? Especially since she had a dream in which I pulled the baby out of a pouch to show her....and I am secretly hoping that I really do have a pouch. The Kangaroos really seem to be onto something with that birth plan....


Blogger chirobiro said...

Adele, I love your birth plan... But I feel 4 hours is a little pesimistic. How about, you sleep through most of the contractions and then wake up with a period pain feeling, drive to the hospital to discover you are 7 cm dilated, and then 2 hours from waking up you deliver in 1-2 pushes. Thats my kind of labour.


9:53 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

First of all let the bribes begin! :-)

Secondly I would just like to encourage you with information that you no doubt already know ... we know several people who have had pain free deliveries!
Pain in delivery is part of the curse after all isn't it?
Patricia Bootsma has several pain free deliveries and I know a few others so I say go for that!
I think you just have to get drunk in the HS (which let's face it you are a natural at) and then enjoy the ride! (Or something like that! I know ladies, it is me who has never had a child, but I still think God would love to show up supernaturally in that bath tub!)

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

My birth plan for you is even simpler:

Have the baby.

That's it. It's simple isn't it? Just right click and select, "Save to Desktop" and that's it isn't it?

Anyway - I love the pictures of the bump. Number 2 is my favourite because of the look of concentration on your face. We love you and can't wait to see you soon!

PS - even though we're not moving to NZ, I think it's safe to say that we will have been the friends who have visited you most since you've moved to the otherside of the world. Doesn't that qualify us for part-ownership of said boat? Maybe the rudder?

3:59 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Ok, I officially love you all. Your birth plans are much better than mine. I particularly like the pain-free and sleeping-through-it elements. Although I guess I'd better not fall asleep in the pool - unless I have my snorkel.

My brother has an excellent idea for birthing support people too and I quote:

"I was talking about who you are allowed to have in your birthing team, I quite fancy having a bunch of austrian ski fans with their cowbells (if you can remember the noise they make)"

Heh heh heh....

9:45 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

How about this are worshipping at church and feel that you need to go to the bathroom and you find out that your water just broke...on arrival to the hospital you find out that you are in labor but you have no pain and the only way that you know that you are in labor is the machine that is telling the mean time the head nurse comes in and tells you that you are not having the baby right now but you breathe and out comes a baby girl...

If you like that one thank my wonderful mother on the way that I was pain at all just a couple of pushes and there I was...that is the kind of birth that I am planning

12:25 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Of course there is no hospital in Taupo for Joy's scenario so just switch in Clinic or something and then it sounds like the bomb!!!!

4:24 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

Can't wait for that beautiful baby to enter our world!

4:21 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

excellent birth plan.
Shockingly similar to my birth plan. Shockingly dissimilar to my birth experience(s).

12:13 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

you look so cute

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

More photos! More photos!
I like photos a lot.
And think your birth plan is great. Am definitely praying for it.
Also am excited that it is spring for you! Yay!

8:50 PM  

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