Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Expressions of Interest

Dear all, hello..and thank you for tuning in for my increasingly sporadic posts!

Having shoved a video camera in Honour's face at regular intervals (ok, twice) I have created another video blog which displays her lively range of facial mobility. It takes AGES to download. In fact an ice age may come and go while you are out for the hairy mammoth. Speaking of Dave...he leaves for India on Saturday. Sniff Sniff.

But back to the takes a couple of minutes to have been warned. Best to do it while you are at work, or supposed to be taking the bins out. That way you won't feel cheated of a few moments of your life.

You'll note from the video that Honour now speaks fluent 'Dolphin'. Also she appears to have picked up a few moves from "So you think you can dance".


Click here to watch the video

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sorrow may last for 14 nights, but joy comes at 5.30 in the morning

As you may have deduced (you Nancy Drew-ites) from my blog silence....we have been having a bit of a tricky time of late. The windiness leading to cryiness and nonsleepiness...leading to crazedmotheriness. (These are all technical terms.)

But, it seems that we may...just getting somewhat over the worst of it. Apparently its quite common for babies to be unsettled between weeks 5-7 as they are having growth spurts and all that jazz. (It's the jazz that upsets them, I'm sure).
It's still up and down (ha...the wind is too)..and yet in the midst of all this, Honour managed her first 7 hour sleep. The little sweetheart slept from 10.30pm to 5.30am - her first official sleep through the night. Strange to think that I can be so excited at having to get up at 5.30am...but this is luxury these days.

So here's hoping that she does it again...then 8 hours...then get the picture...

Tomorrow, Honour will be 7 weeks old. At her check up on Tuesday she weighed 11.6 and is 64cm long. This is already 2cm longer than her 0-3month clothes. The girl officially has looooong legs! Oooh and she is smiling now and saying "Coo" which is the most adorable thing in the world. We will try and capture it on video this weekend.

Meanwhile, we are still in mourning for the departure of the Jones's....but the blow will be somewhat softened by the arrival of the Dalleys on Sunday. I persuaded them to 'pop over' from the Philippines where they have been ministering for the past 2 weeks. This is excellent news on many fronts...especially because Dave is leaving for India on the 26th. He is meeting up with Faustin and John A in Mumbai, and looking into setting up orphanages for street children.

So sad that he has to leave this little cutie...

Friday, November 10, 2006

I just blew in from the windy city

The windy city is NOT mighty pretty. Bah.

This week we have been on a steep learning curve. So steep they attached me to the rest of my party with a rope and issued me with crampons (CRampons) so that I could ascend the near vertical ice rock face....that is called "Having a baby with wind".

(Or gas, for the Nth Americans)

Wind. It sounds so innocent. And yet trapped within her little digestive system it can reduce my sweet little Honour into a red-faced, screaming Pterodactyl.

Oh the pathos. Oh the sadness. When her cries reach the Pterodactyl scream it will literally break your heart.

In fact, one evening of much trapped windiness, my chest opened, my heart fell out and smashed intol tiny pieces on the floor. (Tiny pieces including several small springs and a cuckoo).

When you are pretty much spending all your time feeding the little cuteness and yet every feed you can FEEL the bubbles going down inside her...and you KNOW what this means for the next few hours/many hours. It is very demoralising. I have now tried every burping technique known to man. I may have even invented a few. And by all means tell me more of them (swing her upside down by her left leg, stand on your right leg and shout SCRABBBLE at the top of your lungs)....but really nothing seems to eradicate ALL the wind.

EVIL WIND as we like to call it.

I get some classic burps out of her (cause for much celebration) and then 5 seconds's back.
Hence she has hardly been sleeping during the day. The odd 40min nap....

YIKES. I look like I live in the Land of the Living Dead.

But I don't. I live in the Windy City.

And it is NOT mighty pretty.

But let me just say that I am going to track down the inventor of Infacol (wind medicine) and hug him/her to within an inch of his/her life...I got some yesterday and so far it is KICKING Gripe Water's ass.

(If in fact, gripe water has an ass.....)

***P.S by the way we have eradicated my diet as the source of wind production....I have resurrected my BLAND DIET TM and it makes no difference. It seems to be a phase, possibly related to a growth spurt. Also the milk coming out very fast.

***P.P.S if you leave some cheery story about how your niece/nephew/child/pet monkey was like this....and it lasted till they were age 16...I will hunt you down. And I will NOT be dispensing hugs.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Video Killed the Radio Star

Yes despite severe sleep deprivation I have capitalised on the presence of Mr Technical Meister, Alyn Jones, to launch me into the VIDEO BLOG. Woohoo!

Apologies first - this was my first video camera recording and is rough as a great big rough sailor, fresh off a rough voyage in rough seas from a rough land where the food was...yes you guessed it, rough.

BUT it does feature Honour (first redeeming feature) and it also just happened to capture her second ever roll over...AND (lest the excitement kill you) her lifting her head up.

These are major developmental landmark moments, people. And by chance I captured in on film. It is as if I just so happened to be there to video man's first walk on the Moon as it happened. Videoing in a very amateur space traveller kind of a way, of course.

Yes folks it is all happening here....try not to faint from the sheer professionalism of the camera work. (Note the grunt emanating from myself as I try to lower myself to the floor).


To watch the video click here
Then click on the "Listen" instruction at the bottom of the first article, entitled "Honour Roll"
(yes that was my attempt at wit)
(oh and please ignore the idiotic tone in which I am speaking to my daughter....)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Cot to love it

Momentous events in the Richards household. Honour has moved from her bassinet to her big girl cot. We've moved the cot into our room for the time being as the nursery is unfortunately downstairs at the opposite side of the house.
She looks very cute at the foot of the huge great cot but seems to be enjoying the space. Her favourite position is on her back with her hands above her head....a photo will follow when I can get one without waking her up!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Honour experiences her first earthquake

Yes I have both hands free! Woohoo! Alyn is entertaining Honour. He has calmed her with his Baby Whispering and has placed her on her playmat. Now he is lifting up the edges of the mat and shaking the whole thing saying, "This is an earthquake....I'm preparing you for when you live in San Francisco."

He's a scary man. But she seems to like him.

Having Alyn & AJ here is sooperdooper and I have cancelled the rest of their teaching tour for the next 4 weeks so they can stay here, cook, clean and create small earthquakes for my daughter's entertainment.

Meanwhile Honour is now 9lb14oz (she gained 10oz in a week...) and 57cm long. So she is now in her 0-3months outfits. Hurrah for playing with new cute outfits! Here are some of them....(drat...some of them won't load...)