Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Expressions of Interest

Dear all, hello..and thank you for tuning in for my increasingly sporadic posts!

Having shoved a video camera in Honour's face at regular intervals (ok, twice) I have created another video blog which displays her lively range of facial mobility. It takes AGES to download. In fact an ice age may come and go while you are out for the hairy mammoth. Speaking of Dave...he leaves for India on Saturday. Sniff Sniff.

But back to the takes a couple of minutes to have been warned. Best to do it while you are at work, or supposed to be taking the bins out. That way you won't feel cheated of a few moments of your life.

You'll note from the video that Honour now speaks fluent 'Dolphin'. Also she appears to have picked up a few moves from "So you think you can dance".


Click here to watch the video


Blogger s@bd said...

Dude, contrary to popular opinion, 'Dolphin' is an incredibly difficult language to master. It took me several DORA viewings to get it right.

Also, I thought the mini-spit-up was a lovely touch.

And, "speaking of Dave"? pure genius.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Fiona said...

v v cute! and i'm feeling v v proud of my self cos i worked out how to make it play!

love fi

ps: could purple giraffe have his own spin-off show?

6:07 PM  
Anonymous fiona said...

mostly she's looking puzzled by what her mum's doing - a feeling i guess she's going to have to get used to...


6:43 PM  
Anonymous jason said...

I happen to also speak dolphin and this is the gist of what Honour was saying, "why, why must the paparazzi follow me everywhere...i know i'm glamorous and cute, but these cameras can be quite intrusive and i can't seem to get away from them."

5:39 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Wow I had no idea that Shannon or Jason spoke Dolphin! That's incredible!

10:41 PM  
Blogger Danielle Renee said...

I love the dolphin speaker.

1:17 AM  
Blogger The Fast & the Fabulous said...

oh oh oh ... She is GORGEOUS. And her smile.. and her frown.... and her little eyes... I LOVE her!
I have to say, the videoing seems to be improving by leaps and bounds... There could be an oscar in this one for you!!

4:08 AM  
Blogger Mimo said...

Honour is so cute! I cant see the videos though, am missing some plug-ins..Need a computer wizard over here. Ohh, the Jordans are here! And Iain (Ross). And most of the church is shoved of the FHS, in the same place as last year. I'm not there though :( but I will see them next saturday at church, woohoo! God Bless Adele, Much love Mimosa (no snow here yet)

7:59 AM  
Blogger Linda Hope said...

Sorry Jason, i have to say, your "Dolphin" must be "humphback whale", because my fluent "Dolphin" understood, "This is wrong, this is so wrong! Why must i only communicate with my favourite Auntie Linda via webcam. I want to see her face to face and let her cuddle me and kiss me and snuggle with me and play with me and let mommy and daddy go on a nice long date cuz Auntie Linda's such a good babysitter!! Come Linda COme!!" That's is word for is the purest translation i could muster, i even consulted the experts. [Linda Shakes Head] Just breaks my heart...just breaks my heart! I love you too, Honour!

4:35 AM  

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