Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 (we finished it before you did, so ner)

Hmmm well last year I seem to remember writing some lengthy review of 2005 which involved a lot of skipping about like a small girl with rope from country to country....leaving one continent and starting up down under.

So as I paced the floor at 1am this morning with Honour (I was doing most of the pacing) I started trying to compose a review of 2006.

It's a little less geopraphical than 2005. Basically all that has happened is that a) I got pregnant (still no idea how that happened - answers on a postcard please) b) 9 months later I gave birth (that wretched stork never did turn up with its cute little bundle so I had to do all the dirty work myself and c) since then I have been looking after delightful child (no I'm not talking about Dave).

So a pretty drastic year for us...but perhaps not so much in the telling. Despite this I am determined to write something about 2006 and so here for your edification and delight (or perhaps as a cure for insomnia) is my review of 2006 (in roughly chronological order)

In 2006 I have been mostly:

Weeing on a stick (ok, only a couple of times)

Eating potatoes


Groaning in the bathroom

Groaning in the lounge

Groaning in the car


Puking in the bathroom

Puking in the shower (ewww, rice crispies, shudder)

Puking in the car (but actually I made it home in time... unlike my good friend Lorraine who once puked in her handbag due to morning sickness)

Eating potatoes some more

Larking about with Sarah Dalley on her visit to NZ

Puking some more

Larking again.

Larking and puking and parking and luking.

(Ok enough with the vomit. That was the first threee months of the year)

Writing radio commercials with too many sound effects

Flying to Canada.

Getting happy seeing friends.

Getting happy eating Tim Horton's Bagels and Milestones' asparagus dip.

Flying to UK.

Going to my Bro's wedding.

Getting happy seeing friends.

Puking (last time)

Flying back to NZ.

Puking (ok, I Iied before)

Growing a bump.

Trying to capture bump in photos.

Trying to persuade Dave to take photos of bump.

Trying to take photos of bump myself with a cunning use of bathroom mirrors.

Trying to get photos of bump without a toilet in the background.

Forgetting things.

Forgetting more things.

Forgetting the things I'd forgotten to forget

Forgetting words...and names....and dates

Eating more potatoes.

Teaching at the Fatherheart School in Taupo

Going to antenatal classes

Making inappropriate jokes at antenatal classes

Resolving not to make any more inappropriate jokes at antenatal classes

Forgetting resolve and making inappropriate jokes at antenatal classes

Getting very biologically aware

Getting very anatomically aware

Making more inappropriate jokes

Crying a lot for no reason

Crying a lot for good reason

Crying a lot for whatever jolly well reason I like cos I'm hormonal so DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?

Apologising for crying a lot

Moving house

Trying to sleep on my left side only

Pacing the floor in the middle of the night while fighting the temptation to sleep on my right side

Sleeping on my right hand side

Feeling guilty for sleeping on my right side

Rolling back to my left side

Throwing pillows around and sighing

Getting up and pacing the floor


Eating potatoes

Mastering technology

Well, learning how to do a podcast anyway

Using too many sound effects on a podcast

Learning how to do a video blog

Having a baby

Walking like I just got off my horse

Being amazed at baby

Learning to feed baby

Not sleeping much

Looking like death warmed up

Loving baby

Going slightly crazy

Taking photos of baby

Taking more photos of baby

Taking even more photos of baby

Uploading all photos of baby to blog

Testing the patience of blog readers with photos of baby

Testing the patience of blog readers by writing about nothing but baby

Being amazed at how hard it is to be a mum

Being amazed at how fulfilling it is to be a mum

Changing nappies (700 so far - Dave did the maths)

Changing Honour's clothes

Developing one large bicep

Getting back ache

Thinking that getting up at 5.30am is a late morning

Thinking that 3 hours sleep in a row feels good

Having fab visit from Alyn & AJ

Having fab visit from the Dalleys

Having Christmas with my fab parents

Not updating blog much

Trying to capture Honour laughing and gurgling on camera

Making Honour stop laughing and gurgling by shoving camera in her face

Starting to read books again

Feeling vaguely human

Looking forward to 2007

Ummm...anybody still here???
Award of a small pony to anyone who makes it to the end...

That's all folks...have a great New Year!


Blogger Charlene said...

Great Review.

Do I get to pick out the pony?

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

I know how you got pregnant! I learnt about this at school. It was a special cuddle between a mummy and a daddy and that's how it happened.

12:37 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

I read until the end so where is my pony? Are you going to mail it?

Frankly Krista still owes me a pony as well and I have lost hope of it ever arriving... so sad.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

aj i gave your pony to adele to give out, because it was such a fight on who really got the pony from our blog. so adele, here is your chance to give out the pony. :)

4:29 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

I want a pony too...but I think I cannot wait until 2056 to get one...I would be to old to get on the thing bu then

12:39 AM  
Blogger Linda Hope said...

YAY! I've always wanted a pony for my burfday! WOOHOO!! Thanks Adele!

First we have such a delightful review of 2006 (i loved the deep insight it afforded...especially the "Larking and puking and parking and luking"...Excellent switch there! Extremely clever and creative swipe of the writing pen!)...then we even get ever little girl's childhood Christmas dream...

You are too generous! I love you!

3:49 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Great review. So Um, Jason had this weird dream that might help you with the point "got pregnant - still don't know how yet". Well Jason had a dream where Dave Richards came and told him how to make love in order to have babies - so there you have it, either ask Dave since apparently he knows, or you can e-mail Jason cause Dave told him how!! The weirder (maybe?) thing is, one of my best pals then came to visit with her 5 week old baby and JAson, Not ME! but JAson got broody and has been asking to practise what DAve taught him - ANother year or two methinks :0)

10:08 PM  
Blogger Mimo said...

I made it to the end! Great post. Happy New year too! 2007 will be awesome, me thinks :) Love Mimo x

10:12 AM  
Blogger Harmen (Who Else?) said...

I wonder how you make ponies... jsut since no baby-making seems to be on the agenda right now here...

Did you always puke after eating potatoes or not, couldn't figure that out... and was that Dave's cooking then?

10:10 AM  

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