Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Letter from Honour

Dear all, Honour here.

My parents have asked me to write a Christmas newsletter to you all to make up for the scandalous lack of Christmas cards they have sent out. (They seem to think they have been a tad busy of late, but I can't think why - all they ever seem to do is coo at me.)

2006 started rather dramatically for me - and indeed it was the start of me. To recover from this, the first few months of the year I just floated around, slept a lot and had food constantly on tap. It was like being on a cruise.

I hear that you've had some pretty major things happen for you in 2006? Same here. Major events of 2006 worth mentioning; growing organs and limbs, gaining weight, gaining use of arms and legs, moving about rather a lot and eventually swinging upside down and standing on my head. So yes, quite a lot has happened this year.

September 30th is a day that stands out in my mind - as it came time to disembark from the cruise ship. After a fairly short and squishy journey I arrived in a place called New Zealand. First impressions of New Zealand - very bright and with lots of interesting sounds. I rather enjoyed using my eyes for the first time, although I was often found to be looking quite confused by what I saw.

In New Zealand the big people seem very surprised by me and everything that I do. They spend a lot of time staring at me, putting their mouths on me (they call is kissing) and carrying me around. They also talk a lot of nonsense. Mostly they say the same things over and over again, "Aren't you cute?" "Is it time for a nap?" "Shall we change your nappy" and "I don't know why she's crying!" They also complain about being tired a lot. They should really try and get more sleep.

So I don't make the big people feel bad about their lack of vocabulary I restrict myself to a few basic sounds, namely; coo, goo, rrrrrr, and I also squeak a lot when I laugh. They seem to understand these basic sounds perfectly as they always smile and nod, even copy the sounds when I make them. By repeating this over and over I hope to be able to teach them to talk to me normally one day.

Other things I have done this year; learned to hold my head up, smiled, rolled over a few times, learned to suck my fists. In fact when the lack of decent conversation is really getting to me, I just try to put both my fists in my mouth at the same time. I can play this game for hours. Ok, minutes anyway.

Well, I'd better get back to my busy schedule - a baby's work is never done. There is always more eating, playing and napping to be done!

So let me just say that is has been a real pleasure to meet some of you this year, and to those I have yet to meet - I am looking forward to it like a new parent looks forward to a full night's sleep. (My parents seem crazed with excitement when I sleep 7 hours or I've recently decided to do this most every night as my Christmas present to them).

Have a wonderful Christmas and an exciting New Year,

With lots of love from Honour



Blogger Linda Hope said...

OMGoodness!!! Honour has her silly daddy's silly expressions!!(note pics #4-#10 :)

I dont know what's cuter: Honour looking like Dave, or the fact that Dave looks like a baby girl! Heheee...i think both are quite adorable! haha!!

Ooohh, i love her. I dont even need to meet her to know i love her! And Adele, how is it that she has such a flare for story telling? It's such a gift! :)

I love you...I miss you!!

3:40 PM  

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