Saturday, March 31, 2007

Raising the steaks...

Er. Hello.

Ahem. So..haven't been updating so much may have noticed.

I could offer you a convincing explanation for the 'radio silence'...but it would be long and tedious. So let me just say instead that I got swallowed by a colossal squid and it's taken a team of biologists and pizza delivery boys 4 weeks to recover me from its inky depths. They are currently preserving the squid in formaldehyde....with a deep pan, cheesy crust.

So what have you missed in the road movie that is our lives....?

(stars indicate viewer rating *****)

1) Dave resigned from his job *** - Cert 18. tense, political thriller (contains medium level of violence and nudity)

2) Dave celebrated his 40th birthday with a very entertaining selection of cheesy jokes **** - PG. slapstick comedy for groan-ups

3) Coming soon to a cinema near you...Dave is yet to cash in his present from me - a 15,000 ft sky dive **** Cert 15. Adventure thriller with (hopefully) no nudity

4) Honour celebrated her half-birthday yesterday *** U - Feel-good movie you can take all your cuddly pets to (except cows)

Yes, the biggest little cutie-pie with the fluffy bunny filling (this is Honour I'm talking about, not Dave) reached her 6 months, half-birthday yesterday. She celebrated by having steak.

No, really. A very expensive, prime cut of beef. Cooked to perfection by Chef Daddy....

And smooshed to all-hell by Hand-Blender Mummy.

I even steamed some carrots - real, live carrots, not out of a jar - myself. And smooshed the becarotene out of them.

Smooshing. It's what I do.

So the wee cherub feasted on smooshed steak smooshed into smooshed carrots. And she LOVED it.

She's a very vocal child and likes to keep up a steady critique of the food as she eats it...and all the comments were 'mmmmm...mmmaaaa.....ummmmm....mmmm...yummmm'. Which I took as a very good reflection on my smooshing skills.

In fact I would say that her favourite meals so far have been steak...and the pineapple smoosh she had for breakfast the other day.

Interestingly, her father's favourite food? Steak. And his favourite fruit? Pineapple.

If it weren't for the excitable use of her eyebrows, I'd swear she didn't take after me at all.


Blogger s@bd said...

ummmm ?? he resigned from his job? but ... ummm ... what's he going to do now?

(and when did that baby get SO BIG?)

2:03 AM  
Blogger mixmasterjones said...

Aww you're back! So awesome to hear from your wide of the world... so good in fact that you have prompted me to update my blog!

And the little cutie (Honour, not Dave) looks adorable!

We want an update on the whole job resigning thing (and how the heck does that include nudity anyway?). The mind boggles.

3:00 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

SO cute! She is adorable!!!!

Oh and it's very good that she likes steak living in your household! Dave is a BBQing wonder!

4:03 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging. Readers everywhere were missing your presence. I can't believe six months have gone by so quickly. What is Dave going to do now?

5:02 AM  
Anonymous krista said...

steak huh?. hmmm. what will jason and i do if our child likes steak? we haven't had steak in our midst since his cousins wedding 4 years ago, and then his brother ended up with two extra filet mignons because we still couldn't bring ourselves to eat them.

i think you're right, honour has great expression-ful eyebrows... :) she is a cutie patooty.

8:10 PM  

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