Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Honour and Jordan

While Dave and Stuart are away in Jakarta....Lynley and Jordan have been down in Taupo for a few days. Jordan has to be the smiliest baby on the planet and draws crowds wherever she goes - what a cutie! She is so like Stuart it is adorable, but she definitely has a look of Lynley too, and her mother's wonderfully elegant hands and feet. Jordan likes to sway and wave her hands and fingers like the maori 'Harere Mai' ( I think that's how it's spelled) which means 'Welcome'. She and her truly beautiful, tender-hearted mother are welcome anytime.

Meanwhile Honour is a human dynamo and although she hasn't mastered crawling, has her own means of moving from A to Z - mostly by going backwards, rolling and pivoting. She seems to be trying to invent a backwards crawl...which starts a bit like that 'crab' manoeuvre from gymnastics...with her arching over backwards and pushing herself up. She gave me a shock the other day - in the time it took me to walk ten paces to the kitchen and back she had rolled and wiggled about 3 metres and was wedged up against a leg underneath the coffee table. I have started to move things she could pull over on top of herself, out of the lounge!!!

She has the most expressive face, with her favourite expression being a wild eyed look of surprise that shows pretty much all of the whites of her eyes. She is working on a new smile - I call it the 'sniffy' smile. This involves wrinking up her nose, sniffing and showing the tops of her gums. It is quite hilarious. She seems to be a morning person (unlike me) and wakes up full of beans; chortling her way up the stairs as I bring her up for her breakfast. Everything is funny at 6.30am, it seems. This is news to me.

Bathtime is also very funny - even if she has been a bit grumpy at dinner, she perks up as soon as she sees the bath. We read her the same bath book every day (Mimi's Toes) and Dave and I can now recite it off by heart. This could actually be the first sign of insanity. Honour has started joining in with the daily reading and when I start with those immortal opening lines: "The water's warm in Mimi's bath when Mama puts her in" she often starts chatting away as though she is reading it too. (Or perhaps she is just desperatley babbling to block out the sound of me reading the same story every flipping day of her life.)

Anyway, enough are some photos. There is a video too of the two girls together...and if our temperamental internet connection will allow me..I will post it soon.


Blogger s@bd said...

the cuteness of the two of them together is a bit overwhelming.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

They are so cute. Glad you had a nice birthday and a good hair day on the same day :)

Lots of love to you all,
Ash x

4:51 AM  

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