Monday, April 16, 2007

It's my birthday...and I'll eat cake if I want to

Or, ok, it was my birthday yesterday....April 15. Day the Titanic sank and Hitler was born. You think I'm kidding?

Thought that you would like a review of the momentous day (to my knowledge, no ships went down and no megalomaniac dictators were born). I will head these comments "Random things you may not want to know about my birthday"

"Random things you may not want to know about my birthday"

(you can't say I didn't warn you)

1) It was the third good hair day in a row. AND I'd just washed it.

Ask any woman how rare an event this is. In fact the day before, I was worried because I was having a premature good hair day. PREMATURE. Cos as every woman knows, in good hair/bad hair surely had to follow the other.

[Sidenote for the guys:
Basically how it works is the day you wash your hair is the bad hair day cos it's all fluffy and wild...and then the second day you have 'just enough' grease to kindof damp down the fluff and it all looks as it is supposed to. This is the point where it's tempting to risk leaving it without washing it for the third day...but this is the way to certain doom cos about the second after you decide to chance it and not wash on the third day, a gallon of grease mysteriously appears and forms an oil slick on your head.]

There. So now you know.

2) I received not one, but two Edward Monkton cards. I love Edward and want to have his badly drawn babies.

3) I received gifts guaranteed to bring joy to my heart....greeny-blue thingies and lacy thingies and spa vouchery thingies.

4) People, nice people, wrote nice things in nice cards. I like words. Words in cards. That say nice things. About me. Yes.

5) Lynley and Jordan were here.

6) I went out for coffee and cake. And by coffee I mean a latte the size of my head. And chocolate cake with raspberries and chocolate gloopy sauce.

7) Honour was a triumph in a purple cordoroy miniskirt with matching knickers, and matching purple turtle neck jumper. And she only puked on it a little bit.

Downsides were....Dave being line not working so missed calls....lots of you lovely folk not being here....

But all in all, a good day.

With not an iceberg in sight.


Anonymous Alyn said...

Oh happy birthday wonderful Adele Richards!

We had the Pho Mi 99 experience yesterday with Sarah Dalley who told us it was your birthday at which point AJ and I gasped in horror as we hadn't sent you a card - not even an email!

However, the Dalley had a great point - she said, "All the techonology in New Zealand is down, we can't Skype, can't email, I can't even call her and I've tried three times!"

At which point I thought, I could fake it! I could say that I tried to call, email, Skype, but alas your technology was down but then realised I'd be lying so...

...instead, inspired by your other post, I have written down my favourite piece of poetry for you (psst, you have to read it out loud for it to make sense):

I like writing poems,
I do it all the time,
The only thing I can not do,
Is get the words to fit.

Happy Birthday wonderful Adele! We love you!

2:53 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Happy Birthday you incredible Woman you!

I loved the bad hair day/ good hair day explaination! It really helped me nail down what's been happening the last 35 years or so! :-) Although now that I am pregnant my skin s so dry that I could go 4 days really without washing my hair is I wanted to... how gross is that!

6:41 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

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6:41 PM  
Blogger MaisonGroove said...

happy birthday loveley adele...a good hair day makes all the difference especially on your birthday...all our big hugs to you and may you good hair day last forever! lis and svennie

6:45 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...


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