Monday, May 07, 2007

Look at me, look at me now! It's fun to have fun but you have to know how!

You may not know this, but it's pretty darn fun to sit up unaided. A-huh, forgot that did you?

Just think about all the fun you have every day without even thinking about it - holding your head up, sitting up, being able to drink from a sippy cup, eat a pea without choking. It's a constant round of hilarity really.

Anyway, Honour is enjoying sitting up.

Not as much as she enjoys looking at Harley the cat - she only has to get a glance at him and she laughs outloud. We're not quite sure what the joke is....perhaps he has excellent comic timing.

Certainly he knows when to paws before the punchline.


Blogger Fiona said...

In honour of Honour I have just sat up, vaguely cross-legged & totally unaided, to drink my 'elevenses' - she's right - it is fun... ...ah well, back to the sermon prep.


11:32 AM  
Blogger Mimo said...

She is so cute! Love her outfit!

Children are great - they know the truth about finding joy in the small things, or actually realising that the small things are not necessarily that small- it's a matter of viewpoint! They are so worry-free - just like God wants us! :-)


3:06 PM  
Anonymous Meghan Harris said...

she is justt soo adorableee
i just wish i could hold her & sqeeze her..!!!
she looks like a hilarious little girl & someone who would make me laugh kuz just looking at all these pics all the time with my mum just makes me laugh looking at them!
she is soo adorable


12:05 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Hard to believe in a few months my little squeeker will be attempting the same marvels!

3:51 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

I wish I could come over and babysit for you - she's so adoreable :)

6:15 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

really? you ought to post a cuteness overload warning.

i'm just sayin'

4:05 AM  

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