Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh you know, cute stuff about babies...

First up - Honour and her chums. From Left to Right Honour, Riley, Sophie, Caleb and James.

No photos with this story - but I took Honour for her first swimming lesson this week.

It tested my logistical planning skills to the utmost - to get there on time, both ready to jump in the water, with enough towels, clothes, nappies, food and kitchen sinks to survive the process.....but I made it!

Honour seemed to enjoy the class which basically consisted of me swooshing her through the water while she tried to grab a small yellow duckie. We also had to have water poured on our heads from a watering can (her 'surprised look' came in very handy here) and she had to practise holidng on to the side of the swimming pool and pushing off. She thought that this was an excellent opportunity to suck the swimming pool wall. Lovely.

In fact it was all going, well - swimmingly - until I accidentally dunked her head under and she swallowed half the pool, went bright red and WAILED. Poor lovey.

Oh and I had to try and fake the part where the parents are supposed to dunk their own heads under the water, blow bubbles...and come up smiling!!! I had mascara on and didn't want to come up looking like 'Kiss' and screaming "My eyes! My eyes! They burn!"

Unfortunately the instructor spotted me faking it and came over to see 'if I was alright!' I fessed up about the mascara situation which she seemed to find hilarious. Just call me Paris Hilton. Next week I'm going to take a small, yappy dog in a gold handbag with me into the pool.

I wasn't feeling too bad about appearing in public in a swimsuit as my plan was to blend in with a rather matronly navy-blue Speedo one-piece. But au contraire! I was gobsmacked to see multiple other mums in some very sexy swimsuits indeed. Black, slashed things held together by chains and a lot of self-confidence.

They wouldn't have looked out of place on a beach in Marbella, sitting next to the Beckhams.

Clearly, I need to up the ante....perhaps false eyelashes next week?


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