Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Alyn Jones Day - 28 June

It's Alyn Jones Day here in the heady metropolis of Taupo.

No, he isn't one of the top three finalists in American Idol, and yet there is an absolute frenzy of Alynomania in town.

We are just so excited to be one of the very first places in the world to be able to celebrate the birthday of the mighty man.

The streets are thronging with people. Ok, mostly sheep. But the sheep have been dyed in Alyn's colours (pink).

There are lots of little old ladies sporting pink woolly scarves with the word Alyn knitted into them. (Enid and Eunice are particularly excitable this morning - I think they may have had a nip of brandy with their cornflakes).

Everyone is out on the streets waiting for the Alyn Parade to begin. The theme this year is "Things Alyn likes".

I am on the Alias float. I wanted to be Sydney in a bright red wig and lycra spacesuit, but instead I got to be computer whizz Marshall Flinkman. Still, it's all for the kids, right? I mean, for Alyn.

Other floats include the Mac float (the kids on that one will be throwing apples into the crowd. Not Apple computers, just apples).

My favourite float is the Encourager float - which is all big and pink and fluffy and gives you a big hug as it passes.

After the Alyn Parade is over the whole town will be meeting in the park for a massive photo shoot. We're all going to dress in pink and lie down on a huge white sheet, head to head.

In honour of Alyn Jones Day there are a few by-laws that are applicable on 28th June every year:

1) On no account should any person go to look at bubbling mud pools
2) A lot of sugar must be consumed by every person - the more chocolate, the better
3) PC usage is banned today.
4) Every person who has ever spoken badly of a Mac has to wear a Dunce hat all day (sun up to sun down)
5) The word Microsoft may not be used, even as a swear word (which of course is exactly what it is)
6) Every person must start a Blog and leave comments on other blogs. You may Twitter if you wish.
7) Lots of excellent food must be consumed today from the menu of: steak, meat, steak, more steak, lamb, steak. Also, meat may be consumed.

It is also Hug A Techie Day in recognition of all the selfless work the techies give to us mere mortals the other 364 days of the year.

There is a seminar at the Lake Centre at 3.30pm this afternoon, entitled "The Secret" or "International Flights - and how to survive them The Alyn Jones Way"

This will be followed by the finale of the day's celebrations, starting at 7.30pm, also at the Lake Centre. The evening has been called "Storge - The Gift of being a Big Snuggle Monkey like Alyn Jones". A lot of cuddling will end the event, followed by fireworks over the lake and free mugs of hot chocolate stuffed with marshmellows for all.

Everyone is Taupo is in a fever pitch of excitement, as you can imagine.

Our dream is that one day, Mr Alyn Jones and his delectable girls will actually be here for the festival.

Although I'm not sure Enid and Eunice would survive the excitement. Not without a lot more brandy.

Happy Birthday Mr Jones!


Anonymous Alyn said...

I was just whinging to my wife, that nobody would remember my birthday and I'd get no cards and blah blah blah and then up popped NetNewsWire with its update on blogs and what do you know - it's Alyn Jones day in Taupo! A day before it comes true. So I read it aloud to AJ all happy and proud and my love tank got filled (words of affirmation man that I am).

Thank you. Best present yet.

The Man Himself

12:16 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

awwwww ....

6:40 PM  
Blogger Lois said...

I am posting a comment in honour of Alyn Jones day, which has already ended in Taupo, and will end in aprox. 3mins in Great Britain. I'm so sad that I missed the seminar entitled "The Secret" or "International Flights - and how to survive them The Alyn Jones Way" ...oh well, there's always next year!

12:00 AM  

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