Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jim'll fix it for you....(or else, Alyn or Nick will)

It's healed! It's fixed! It worketh!

My new black baby is purring like a kitten, which is a very confusing sentence, but what the hey!

Our dear friend and mac guru, Mr Alyn Jones - he of the newborn baby and sleep deprivation - was at my beck and call answering my technical questions, such as:

"Um, the thingy doesn't work and the whatsit's doing something weird, what should I do?"

And he EVEN offered to do some fandangly clever thing whereby he used the power of his mind or chi or cheese or something to remotely access my computer in order to fix it. But I couldn't in all good conscience allow him to use precious moments when he could be napping to do this ...and so I tracked down Taupo's resident Mac expert (for whom we are forever grateful, Amen).

Well there were no end of problems because of all the content on my new MacBook coming from my previous Machismo...and that being all African Dictator (corrupted) and all.

OOOh so yes, there was that thing with the keychain access...and then it was all about the permissions....ahhh and then that pesky TCP/IP protocol....tsk tsk that was a tricky one. Yes, so there was that and then Nick did some fancy footwork and then it was nearly healed but not quite. But we all know that a partial healing is a sign that God wants to take it all the way, don't we? So yes, today the final flourishes of healing were completed, and I collapsed in a heap of gratitude.

So I expect that answered all your questions, Alyn, about what was wrong with it after all?

Also, the Butler did it, in the Dining Room, with a candlestick.

Ok, so now...onto MORE photos of Honour....which are now posted on my OTHER website. Cooo-eeee! How fancy!

Click Here to see the latest photos
The Slideshow option is quite fun if you're in the mood.


Anonymous Alyn said...

You see that's why us Mac geeks do it - for the reward of insanely cute pictures.

5:15 PM  

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