Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why I won't win Mother of the Year

Honour has been a bit out of sorts the last few days so I am caught in the eternal opposite-of-a-lovetriangle between the usual culprits: Cold, Teething, Indigestion.

I keep changing my mind as to the diagnosis, but yesterday she definitely had a runny nose and was all screamy and upset. Quite a few of my friends' babies have colds at the moment and Maya's Caleb has got the dreaded ear infection which has caused him to lose his balance a few times. My goal is to avoid the ear infection stage at all costs....and so I am on high alert for it. This involves a lot of checking if one of Honour's ears is redder than the other....and tweaking them to feel if they are hot or not. (Have no idea if this even helps diagnose an ear infection....I think in truth when they grab it and scream blue murder that is your first clue!)

Anyway, after I got her up from her afternoon nap yesterday she was all screamy and miserable and her nose was running. Trying to change her nappy was like wrestling an unhappy octopus and took several attempts. Then I had to try and get her jeans back on her - a tricky task at the best of times as I get one leg in and she gets it out while I am getting the second leg in and so we start all over. This goes on for a few hours. No, ok, minutes. But yesterday I finally managed to get her nappy changed, jeans back on....and then I headed upstairs to see if a drink and a snack would cheer her up. Or would this in fact be a symptom of the dreaded ear infection???

So I sat her up on her playmat where normally she will stay upright quite happily. But she kept falling over. She just crashed to the side. I sat her up again. She crashed to the front. 'Uh-oh' I thought, here we go - she's lost her balance, she must have an ear infection. Stillm ploughing on with the feed her and water policy thinking that this might right all, I gave her a drink and was feeding her bits of mandarin when she fell over again.

I was getting to my wits end (not very far from my wits beginning, admittedly) so I picked her up and cuddled her to see if a bit of mother love would calm her down. It was then that I realised what the matter was.

I have no idea how I did it.

Really, NO idea. I mean, even if I tried to I don't think I could do it again.

She had her jeans on, yes. But she had both legs in one leg of the jeans. Somehow I'd shoved both her legs down the same hole in her jeans. And hadn't notice for about 15minutes. No wonder she couldn't sit up without falling over.

And that's why I won't be winning Mother of the Year.


Anonymous Alyn said...

I'll watch out for the ol' two legs in one trouser leg... at the moment I am trying to master the good old change a baby in a public setting without it turning to total disaster (last attempt was tonight in Milestones...)

2:01 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

dude: that award is totally over-rated.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Krista said...

I interrupted a whole conversation by my uncontrollable laughter while picturing sweet Honour falling over in her one-legged state. That and you pinching her ear. Oh Adele, you so crack me up. I hope/pray Honour feels better asap...

8:49 AM  
Anonymous mum said...

Oh Adele. I laughed til I cried at your last entry. No wonder you'll never make mother of the year with a mother like me. Dare I say it's in the 'jeans'!

1:53 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

That is very funny.

8:33 PM  

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