Sunday, July 22, 2007

When the thing that you've been trying to avoid at all costs, is the very thing that happens


For those of you who've been buried at the bottom of the sea (with Davy Jones, his locker, and those weird transparent globular creatures with lightbulbs dangling off their foreheads) for the past few months, let me just remind you that we are flying to the UK in FIVE DAYS TIME.

(Can you hear the panic, people?)

Actually, come to think of it, I don't know if I've even mentioned it very much on the blog - but perhaps we have become like an old married couple. You know, where I think I've told you about it because it's been my preoccupation of every waking moment for the last 5 months...but actually I haven't. So, um (shuffle feet, awkward ear tugs) yeah, we are flying to the UK in FIVE DAYS.

And for those of you who really are lurking at the bottom of the ocean waiting for some huge whale carcass to float down so you can feed on its remains (hey, this isn't really a flattering image is it?) let me just remind you that we live in New Zealand. Which is like a billion miles from everywhere. YES. A billion. Don't argue with me.

Ok, before I get any more passive aggressive on you (for no good reason) let me move on from the ocean imagery. (You can blame David Attenborough and 'Planet Earth' for that).

So yes, the thing that you REALLY want to avoid when about to spend 24hours on a plane with a ten month blocked ears. Hence when we flew down to Wellington (a piddling hour long flight) we were dosing her up with decongestants like they were going out of fashion. (Which by the way, they seriously ARE. I mean, when was the last time you saw Heidi Klum use Vicks Vaporub? Actually, don't answer that.)

So, um, on Monday last week when Honour turned scarlet I took her to the doctors. And yes, you guessed it, she has an ear infection. No, I lie. Two ear infections (one in each ear, keep up!). Two REALLY bad ear infections resulting in a temperature of 38.9. Which is .1 off brain boiling. Antibiotics were prescribed and a check up in 6 weeks by which time her ears should have cleared.

I pointed out that we were flying in, um, 2 weeks time and asked, ahem, would her ears be ok by then. That's when the doc started giving me a peptalk about her eardrums exploding on the plane. About how it would be GOOD if they burst because all the mucus and blood and stuff would come out and she would feel better. Yahuh. Better AFTER her EARDRUMS EXPLODED ON A PLANE.

Anyway, after a minor freak-out, I have decided this is NOT going to happen. And since I have DECIDED. That is what will be. Amen.

So, to cut a long story short... she is fine! The antibiotics have all been guzzled down. Her temp is fine and she seems fine and dandy in herself. In theory her ears still have fluid in them which in theory could hurt when the plane goes up and down. But I have DECIDED that she is going to be fine. Ok?

Also, I will have lots of painkiller on board with me.

Meanwhile in exciting mucusoid 2 week old cold is still fighting fit, my ear is bunged up too and the pressure in my head was so intense my eyeball went bloodshot! Excellent. Then I got a 24 hour stomach flu with attendant fever and shakes. Then Dave got it. Whoopeee doodee.

The good thing is that all this is happening now before we get on the plane. Hopefully we'll all be fit and well by Friday.

Oh, and Honour started to crawl for real on Saturday! Very cute.

(Also just in time to be strapped to a seat for 13 hours at a time on a plane.)

(Did I mention the planes?)



Blogger s@bd said...

i'm not laughing AT you, i'm laughing WITH you.



(where are you going?)

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

Oh poor sweeties!

We've been praying for you both since Sarah Dalley announced at staff prayer meeting that you were flying with baby with blocked ears and you had flu - so glad to hear things are slightly better.

No pain, no yuckiness, no nothing except upgrades, peace and quiet for the Richards on their billion mile journey.

(and either I am good at burden bearing [good in the bad sense] or I just freaked out that this could happen to us one day, but I felt physically sick and anxious while reading your post! Wahey!)

PS - do you even need PS's on a blog comment? Regardless, the reason my grammar, vocabulary and spelling is so whacked is that it's about 5am here and Abigail decided sleeping 8 hours straight is so over rated - I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open. Anyway, we shall continue to pray. Oodles of love to the three of you.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Krista said...

okay. so where are you now? did you arrive alive? did you parachute out with honour strapped to your tummy, and dave to your back? how are you lady?! how is the sweet muffin?

1:25 PM  

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