Friday, August 03, 2007

You can stop holding your breath now!

Well, we are here and we survived! For those who are interested in the tedious details read on! For those of you who need a cure for on!

The Taupo to Auckland flight was the first test case to see if Honour's ears would cope with the changes in air pressure and fortunately all went well with that. No screaming. Only from me when she puked all over my trousers....the only item of clothing for both of us that I didn't have spares for. Smelling of baby puke for the next 24 hours....nice! Anyway, that was all well and good. They took our stroller off us at Auckland airport which was a bummer as we were planning for H to nap in it until we boarded the plane to HK at 11.30pm. Still, she was so hyper that she kept bouncing around up until 11.30pm anyway. That meant that she hadn't had a sleep since 4pm. Hmmmmm.

The good news was that we got upgraded to Business (cooo-eeee) and the bad news was that just as we were boarding and walking past all the posh people in business, H decided now was a good time to meltdown. Well she had been up for 7.5hours straight!!! That was a tad awkward but after some frenzied jigging on my part (jigging her...not just irish dancing around the cabin - although that might have been a good distraction for all the passengers who'd paid $8,000 for their tickets and now had a screaming baby on board!)....she finally fell asleep before we even took off.

The joy of business on Air NZ is that they have flat beds. FLAT BEDS. Oh it was amazing! So I laid Honour down on her FLAT BED and ate some very swanky soup (full of swank...mmmm, tasty) and then crawled onto the bed and snuggled up next to her. She slept through to 7am! Fantastic.

I had about 5 hours sleep and so arrived in HK feeling a whole lot more perky than I thought I would. Although the humidity bowled up to me like a large, enthusiastic dog and nearly knocked me flat on my back. Winter in Taupo to Hong Kong.....quite a freaky transition.

The hotel was near the airport and despite Dave's best negotiating, blackmail, begging and startling offer to reveal his biceps - the hotel didn't want to give us a suite for free. Strange that. So we had the old fun of sharing a room with Honour and not being able to do anything while she slept. Dave went and sat by the pool while I stayed in the aircon. You'll be pleased to hear that he lost his NZ pallour in about 3.5minutes. He was feeling quite chuffed with himself as he seemed to be attracting quite a lot of second glances as he sat by the pool. "It must be my buff physique" he thought to himself. Later he realised the true cause. He had forgotten to remove the two band aids that he had stuck over his nipples. (He wears them when he goes running because otherwise when his shirt gets soaked wet with swear they get chafed!!!)

Honour was quite the celebrity in HK where the locals seemed to think she was very entertaining, even when she kept blowing raspberries at them, looking at them and laughing. She has also developed an amusing limp-wristed wave which she practised on the very metrosexual air stewards on the plane.

Anyway, she slept pretty well the first night in HK and we just about got onto HK time which is 4hours behind a small move in the right direction. The second night she woke up every hour...we had to get up at 5am to get to the airport...and we were awake for the next 24 hours!!!!

Thirteen hours during the daytime on a plane with the busy baby....who is continuously teething by the way and now has 6 teeth with 1 more still trying to break a BIT of a nightmare. My goal was to be able to watch one movie in that time. And I did do that, but in 2 sittings. Honour slept for 1.5 hours out of the 13!!!!Unbelievable. Unlike our friend's baby, the divine Rory, who didn't fill her nappy on the way to the UK at all, Honour had 7 nappy changes during the flight and 5 were of the solid variety. I was up and down to the loos like an incontinent fool!

Anyway, we survived, and drove down to Bournemouth to meet the grandparents again. H had been a social bunny ALL DAY. But decided meeting rellies was a bit much and decided to meltdown! We put her straight to bed at around 7pm UK time and she slept through to 3am and then till 5am with some encouragement. Pretty good.

Since then she has been a bit out of sorts, teething like mad on top of not knowing where the heck she is and meeting loads of new people.

She is fighting her second nap of the day EVERY TIME but is sleeping well for her first and going through from 6.30pm till 5.30am....which is pretty darn good.

Of course, we are going to create carnage this weekend when we move her to Bath for a couple of days to see the divine Dalleys.

You'll be delighted to hear that as soon as we arrived in the country the sun came out....and it's been gorgeous so far. H has been given about a million summer dresses so I am changing her every 30mins to get them all in!!!

So thank you for your prayers and good thoughts - they definitely worked!


Blogger A.J. said...

Wow that's quite the saga!

Have some wine love, lots of it.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous LA said...

Well done! You guys take the prize for most courageous of us all. Have an awesome time in the sun.!

5:58 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

i'm not sleeping, yet ...?

5:26 PM  

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