Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Watch out if she comes at you with a biro...

Honour is in training as the next Jason Bourne.

Baby Bourne.

1) She is constantly observing her surroundings. Every time a plane flies over the house she looks up. And waves. (But is she waving hello, or goodbye?...hmmmm)

2) She is practising sign language for covert situations in which one needs to communicate silently with another operative. When she is fed up of being wherever she is (cafe, shop, park) she waves. This is her sign of 'Goodbye I want to go now'. Yesterday in the park she walked over to my car and started waving. This was my cue to take her home for tea.

3) At Woolworths (the supermarket) she created a weapon out of biscuits. She pulled an entire display of about 30 packets of Afghan biscuits onto the floor in a dramatic cascade. Fortunately everyone walked away from the scene alive. This time.

4) Yesterday she was 'playing' with Harley our cat at home - except she had poked both her fingers into Harley's eye sockets and was trying to pull his eyeballs out.

Yes, she is the Jason Bourne of toddlers...watch out if she lunges at you with a biro.

Oh and there are loads of photos here

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jiggidyjig jig jig jig

Wanna see Honour getting her groove on with a little excited jig....followed by her Herman Munster impression?

It's only 30 seconds long...

Aw go on, you know you wanna!


Getting Jiggy With It (well sort of)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Walking Wideo

Ok, it's just a walking video. But walking wideo sounded more fun.

Although come to think of it, it's not a video that walks.

It's a video clip of Honour walking.


I made hard work of that didn't I?


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slowly regaining will to live. I mean, blog. Ah who am I kidding? Same thing.

Um, hello? Anybody still here? I know the lights on this blog have been turned off for a really long time and the curtains drawn. (Actually the lights are on they're just those really environmentally friendly low watt thingies that are about as bright as a Big Brother contestant.) But perhaps you've managed to survive the wilderness of no-posts by gnawing on the scrap of an old photo or two?

Anyway, I'm back. Much as I am addicted to Facebook (and believe me, I am addicted. In fact some well-meaning friends are probably arranging an Intervention as I type)....it's still not quite the same as the good old Blog where you get to ramble on and on about your boring life for no apparent reason. And no-one will even throw a sheep at you.

Sooooo....what up dude?

Can't be bothered to write an enormous entry so here are some - er, highlights? - of the last few months:

1) Survived 48 hours on a plane with small child. And Honour.

2) Survived Honour's on/off relationship (mostly on) with cold viruses. (She's had 4 colds in the last 2 months = no sleep for me, or her for that matter)

3) Her first molar that has caused- and I kid you not - 12 solid weeks of teething, is out and proud people. She is actually happy again. I'd forgotten what that was like. And please could I just say to those people whose children teethe about 3 days and then pop out a tooth: I'm so pleased for you. (grinds her own teeth)

4) Honour is walking! Well multiple, multiple bandy-legged drunken steps at a time. She is very pleased with herself! Sooooo cute.

5) Honour's first birthday party was a success despite the fact that I nearly exhausted myself by staying up late several nights making sheep shaped cookies and a birthday cake. Oh and the most pleasing thing about the party....the fact that when people asked me "How did Honour's party go?". I could respond; "Oh it was great. A lamb jumped in the swimming pool."

6) A lamb jumped in the swimming pool at the Eden Centre during the party. My friend Ella brought 2 lambs to the party as the theme was 'sheep'. At one point I saw a photo opportunity and suggested we put them in a wheelbarrow with babies....and voila cuteness! However while we were messing about with the wheelbarrow one of the few-days-old lambs tottered over to the edge of the pool, and jumped in. Fortunately it jumped into a shallow part and we fished it out pronto.

7) I'm back in the story business again. Ok, I'm writing some stories...we'll see whether the 'business' aspect of it works out. Yep, with help from the lovely Will & Erica Sze who designed and built the website for me I have launched a new site. I'm aiming to get fresh stories up there on a regular basis. It's proving to be a lot of fun so far (for me, anyway!). I'm sure I've already bombarded you with emails about it, but just in case you managed to elude my crazed marketing antics, go check it out:
Telling Tales
That's all folks.....

It's good to be back!