Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Watch out if she comes at you with a biro...

Honour is in training as the next Jason Bourne.

Baby Bourne.

1) She is constantly observing her surroundings. Every time a plane flies over the house she looks up. And waves. (But is she waving hello, or goodbye?...hmmmm)

2) She is practising sign language for covert situations in which one needs to communicate silently with another operative. When she is fed up of being wherever she is (cafe, shop, park) she waves. This is her sign of 'Goodbye I want to go now'. Yesterday in the park she walked over to my car and started waving. This was my cue to take her home for tea.

3) At Woolworths (the supermarket) she created a weapon out of biscuits. She pulled an entire display of about 30 packets of Afghan biscuits onto the floor in a dramatic cascade. Fortunately everyone walked away from the scene alive. This time.

4) Yesterday she was 'playing' with Harley our cat at home - except she had poked both her fingers into Harley's eye sockets and was trying to pull his eyeballs out.

Yes, she is the Jason Bourne of toddlers...watch out if she lunges at you with a biro.

Oh and there are loads of photos here


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tee hee ...
I love lists.

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