Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's alright; the 9 month old is chewing on a knife while sticking her head in the oven

Fortunately it's a plastic knife and a toy oven, so my neglect of the second-born in order to blog is not quite as child-protection-services-inducing as it sounds.


(She's now sucking a teapot lid)

This is my multi-tasking, one eye on the child at all times (back to sucking knife), two-childed self. How the heck have you been?

(Still the knife, now the pointy end)

At the risk of alienating anyone whose precious bundle of preciousness is not sleeping like a baby ridiculous expression... Acacia has decided to give up tormenting me and sleep at night. And we only had 8 months of pretty much no sleep to get through before this happened!

(Saucepan lid)

[Sidenote to anyone who cares what made the difference: a) no idea b) loads of solids c) a dummy and d) a shift in the alignment of the planets e) I stopped wearing as much green ]

(faceplanting in small purple cup)

Anyway, lest you get the impression that parenthood is anything less than a fairy walk of constant joy and thrills with pixies throwing chocolate dust over you all day long, while you kickback and laugh uproariously en famille every few minutes....Acacia is an absolute delight and the smiliest of smiling girls. No, really, she is.

Oh and now I'm getting some sleep a few of my braincells have started to fire up in a way that freshly enables me to remember, uh, words and stuff. So, thought I'd start up the old blog again.

I'm still loving the Facebook...but occasionally need to indulge myself in sentences longer than a status.

Bearing in mind the utter domesticity of my lifestyle I wouldn't get too excited about it. Unless you enjoy hearing about how many bodily fluids I clear up on a daily basis.


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Blogger Eri said...

Three Cheers for the Supreme Princess of Dirty Nappies! Back to regale us with tales of madness! You are an auburn wonderwoman. Welcome back darls. xxx

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